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Quality Control

Sadırlar Tekstil A.Ş prioritizes quality in its production processes by adopting a 4-point quality control system. The primary goal of this system is to ensure the compliance of products with high-quality standards and enhance customer satisfaction.

In our company's physics laboratory, critical tests such as peeling, bursting strength, washing resistance, water resistance, and lightfastness are conducted. Additionally, the elasticity properties of products are thoroughly evaluated through stretch and recovery tests. These tests play a crucial role in determining the durability and performance of the products.

Our quality control process is not limited to product durability alone; it also includes detailed examinations of pH level, weight control, stability, and dimensional change tests. This comprehensive approach aims to ensure the overall quality of our products, providing customers with reliable and consistent products.

Sadırlar Alliance Tekstil A.Ş conducts quality control for each product to meet both national and international standards, ensuring that customer expectations are surpassed at the highest level.

Our meticulous approach to quality control is a key element for sustainable quality. These processes solidify the company's leading position in the industry by ensuring the delivery of reliable and high-quality textile products to customers.