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As Sadırlar Textile Inc., we enhance fabrics with the BRÜCKNER stenter machines, a superior German technology product, in our machinery lineup. Our machine park provides fabrics with softness, rapid moisture absorption, water, dirt, and oil repellency, as well as antibacterial and antifungal properties. Sadırlar Textile Inc. is committed to offering its customers unique, innovative, technological, and high-quality fabrics.

Sadırlar Alliance Textile Inc. bestows fabrics with a permanent non-shrink feature through the cutting-edge technology of Santex drying machines, a leader in the field.

Sadırlar Alliance Textile Inc. strengthens its leading position in the industry through the advanced technology provided by Ferraro sanfor machines.

This technological superiority emphasizes our company's ability to add a distinctive and refined touch to fabrics.

Sadırlar Alliance Textile Inc. enhances fabrics with volume using the top-tier technology provided by the leading Lafer mercerizing machines in the industry. This exclusive technology highlights our company's ability to provide a unique and sophisticated touch to textile products.