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About Us


SADIRLAR ALLIANCE TEXTILE INC., founded in 1990 with the trade of raw fabrics, continues to grow with a commitment to sustainable fabric production, innovation, and technological investments and operations. Our company specializes in the dyeing, printing, and digital printing of circular and raschel knitted fabrics produced from synthetic, regenerated cellulose, and natural fibers, providing comprehensive services to our customers.

With a total area of 35,000 m², including a closed area of 22,000 m² in Geyve, our company exports to more than 20 countries with over 600 skilled employees. With sales offices in Istanbul and London, we provide closer and more effective service to our customers.

With our new production facility set to be operational in the first quarter of 2024, along with our existing 40,000 m² closed area in Çorlu, we are ambitious in the textile sector with synthetic (Sportswear) fabrics, striving for continuous effort towards innovative, dynamic, and sustainable success.

We aim to increase our annual fabric sales volume from 19,000 tons to 30,000 tons with the new facility. This investment will ensure that SADIRLAR ALLIANCE TEXTILE INC. continues to make a difference by maintaining its leading efforts in the industry.

Founder: Sebahattin Sadır (1938 - ∞)
Board of Directors: Mehmet Selçuk Sadır - Ali Doğan - Sertaç Sadır


  • 1990: Sadırlar Alliance Textile Inc. was founded.
  • 1993: Knitted Fabric Production began.
  • 1996: Dye House Facility was established.
  • 2003: Capacity was increased with a new Machinery Park.
  • 2006: Wastewater Treatment Facility was renewed.
  • 2011: Our sales expanded to the international market.
  • 2017: Sadırlar London Marketing and Design Center was established in London, UK.
  • 2019: Printing Facility was established and became operational.
  • 2020: Ficus Innovations company was founded for Natural Dyed Fabric Innovations.
  • 2020: Knitted Fabric facility was established and became operational.
  • 2021: Our Laboratory was accredited by LCW and NEXT.
  • 2023: Investment in a synthetic-based dye & printing facility started in Çorlu.